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What can we pack for you ?

Your products

PACKALIM packaging is suitable for all food products.

Thanks to a wide range of more than 500 references in single and double trays, we can meet the needs of your products in terms of volume and capacity. Depending on the products you wish to pack, we will offer you our different film options.

These different orientations will allow you to find an eco-designed tray for your products.

ready meals
fruit and
and shellfish

OUR solutions

A range of eco-friendly packaging
Perfect flatness of the sealing areas
Easy separation of components
Reduction of plastic
A large communication surface
A long shelf life for your products under M.A.P.

Cardboard sealing borders

This solution reduces the amount of plastic to a minimum. The thin plastic film is supported by a cardboard sealing board which reinforces the structure and provides a flat sealing surface.

Plastic sealing borders

This type of octagonal packaging has been designed to fit the majority of today's production lines, to immediately replace your existing trays while reducing your plastic consumption.


The perfect packaging for snacking, we integrate reflectors that keep your product crispy when heated in the microwave.
The larger communication surface avoids marketing over-packaging.

A considerable saving

Some concrete examples