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Our quality department

Respect for the environment

The planet is at the centre of our concerns. We share together the desire for a circular economy. Our eco-designed packaging will be the essential link in the marketing of your products which respects the environment and the quality standards in force.


Striving for continuous improvement

As a member of the P. VAN DE VELDE Group, with its Pan-European implantation, PACKALIM can rely on the experience and evolution of the Group's production sites in terms of quality, environment, respect for the code of conduct, well-being at work and economic development. Bi-monthly meetings are organized with the managers of the other group sites to discuss and share not only the experience of PAC Excellence but also to start its future by taking into account new European trends.

BRC certification

PACKALIM relies on an evolution based mainly on its economic development and respecting sustainable development. At PACKALIM, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of the product produced but also to the hygienic conditions that we must guarantee throughout the manufacturing process.
PACKALIM recently obtained the certification BRCGS Packaging Materials grade AA  In the context of this quality management system, strict conditions and requirements are defined. These commitments are followed by all employees and visitors, without any exceptions.

Our aims

Company values

Our vision is based on values such as respect, quality, health and safety, the environment and accountability.
We treat all our employees, customers, suppliers with respect and courtesy regardless of gender, age, origin or religion. There is no place at PACKALIM for any form of discrimination or racism.
PACKALIM produces packaging materials for the food industry. Our customers expect to receive products that are safe and compliant with legal requirements, having the specified quality and confirming their responsibilities to their own customers. The packaging is manufactured in our production site, in a so-called "grey room" workshop to meet the standards of the food industry.
Health and Safety
The working environment at PACKALIM is safe and healthy for all employees, customers, visitors, partners and suppliers, and meets the required standards in terms of safety at work.
The Environment
PACKALIM's production site has been built according to the "high environmental quality" standard and allows us to save 11,000 kg of CO² per year. PACKALIM is organised in such a way as to be proactive in terms of energy savings while constantly trying to minimise its negative impact on the environment.
From maintenance staff to management, including production operators, all the actors of PACKALIM are responsible for the application of standards of conduct.