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Our eco-designed packaging

A bi-material packaging

Cardboard represents the largest part of the  packaging and forms the basis of its rigidity. The cardboard we use comes from sustainably managed forests. The plastic film which composes the second element is used for its conservation and protection properties. These two materials are assembled according to a unique manufacturing process.

This innovative packaging has advantages:

  • The use of an easily renewable material such as cardboard for the rigidity of the tray, the communication aspect, etc.
  • The preservation of the essential properties of the plastic while allowing the film to be recycled after use.
  • A study of your needs according to your projects
  • A concept that, thanks to a patented innovation, makes it possible to easily separate cardboard from plastic after use, facilitating selective recycling


A competitive advantage

The cardboard tray offers a large communication surface, an ideal support to promote your brand and your product. Today PACKALIM uses a wide range of cardboard that can be adapted to your needs. Without any investment on your part, we can offer you a standard range of more than 500 references. The PACKALIM tray is totally customizable and avoids overpackaging. The optimization of its weight allows you to reduce the value of your contribution to the organizations which govern the sorting instructions. Compared to a traditional tray, the PACKALIM tray allows you to save up to 80% plastic. Every day our customers reduce their plastic consumption by about one tonne. For more than 15 years, PACKALIM has been delivering eco-designed trays to its customers. This solid experience allows us to offer you new developments. Our production lines allow us to realize different shaped trays and to deposit or insert in our trays a range of accessories such as cutlery, reflectors, etc (NOMABOX®).

A standard range

With our wide range of more than 500 references in single or double trays, we can meet the needs of your products in terms of volume and capacity.
The NOMABOX® allows you to have a protected place for the integration of object(s): cutlery, sauce, gifts, etc.
All our sizes can be produced in depths between 25 and 80mm. Our standard packaging can be used for single or multi-portions.


Made to measure

Our Research and Development analyse your technical and commercial specifications with you. Then, proposals are made for solutions adapted to your production and distribution contraints. Finally, prototypes are produced according to your expectations.
After choosing the size and volume of your packaging, PACKALIM will assist you in integrating your design to make your packaging unique and distinctive.