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Van de Velde Packaging

The Group

Van De Velde Packaging has offices in the Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany and Belgium and produces solid board packaging. The production, originally specialised in the manufacture of heavy packaging , using cardboard from 600 to 1,200 g. m², has for more than 10 years concentrated on the processing of lighter cardboard from 200 to 600 g. m². Its folding box department offers a complete range of compact cardboard packaging.


The groups evolution

Since 1939, Van De Velde Packaging, the parent company of the group, has grown from a small family business to an international producer.
With 650 employees at its 11 production sites, the Van De Velde Packaging Group processes more than 70,000 tonnes of  packaging per year, covering a pan-European demand.
Driven by the passion and quality of its solutions, Van De Velde Packaging has built up a large international customer base.
Its reputation for outstanding quality has enabled it to expand its product range.
The Van De Velde Packaging Group can therefore be described as an international group of companies that focuses on high-quality production and services in the  packaging industry.

The production sites

Proud of its numerous certifications, the group is recognised as a key player on the European market. It is also fully committed to sustainable development. It offers packaging solutions that provide added value, solutions developed thanks to its creative and expert staff. Spread across all production sites equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, they are attentive to every detail.

The strength of the group

The Van De Velde Packaging Groupe, which is well known in the food and non-food sector, is developing a long-term growth strategy. The group offers innovative, high quality solutions to its customers for every  packaging requirement.
The Van De Velde Packaging Group thinks in terms of possibilities and offers for its customers, gets to know their needs and invests fully in competitive solutions.
The Van De Velde Packaging Group has a large, high-performance machine park and, above all, motivated employees: people who enjoy making quality products and who are always looking for a solution that meets the needs of their customers.