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What are your needs ?

Do you want to differentiate your packaging from existing packaging? Do you want to create a new range of packaging that reflects the image of your products while reducing your environmental impact ?
We can meet all your expectations by offering you solutions adapted to your production lines, while respecting your requirements and economic imperatives.


Packalim packaging is the packaging you need

PACKALIM is the creator of an innovative packaging concept that combines ecology, preservation and marketing. Since its creation in 2004, PACKALIM has been committed to sustainable development by offering a recyclable cardboard tray with a plastic film reduced to its strict minimum. This new eco-friendly packaging can be sealed in a protective atmosphere.
PACKALIM offers both standard and customised formats by adapting the packaging to your needs in terms of shape, dimensions, permeability, microwave heating, etc.

We adapt to your existing production lines

PACKALIM has more than15 years experience in thermoforming eco-friendly food packaging.  Our developments and our existing products are designed to adapt simply and efficiently to all manufacturing processes.
Our packaging brings you flexibility by respecting your quality requirements and economic imperatives while adapting to the production lines you have chosen.

Packalim, with you at the start of your project

We establish together the needs of your   packaging requirement : shape, dimensions, permeability, modified atmosphere, heating in the microwave, product at room temperature, fresh or frozen, etc...

Three steps are then essential :

- Production of the cardboard tray
The cardboard is printed according to your design and cut to the size you choose. The cardboard can be printed on both sides, inside and outside, so you can communicate on the whole tray. Printing on the inside is often used by our customers to add additional information (sorting instructions, brand information, games, etc.). The cardboard tray is then assembled.

- Thermoforming of the plastic film in the cardboard tray
The plastic film, which has been defined according to the needs of your product, is laid flat on the cardboard tray. It is then thermoformed directly into the cardboard tray to fit the shape of the tray. The packaging is then ready for use.

- The use of the tray on your production line
The last step is to insert your product into the packaging. PACKALIM packaging is suitable for all types of top sealing films.