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Pack Alim - Philippe DROPSY et Didier AUMONT

Chairman : Mr Didier AUMONT (on the right)

Managing Director : Mr Philippe DROPSY (on the left)

Pack Alim was created in 2004 thanks to a project of green packaging made by Mr. Philippe DROPSY in 2002.

His career in the cardboard industry ended with the creation and industrialization of a tray, which mixed cardboard and plastic. Mr. DROPSY filed a patent application and decided to develop this concept, creating a new packaging for food industry.

He showed the project to several companies, including Charal, which was looking for a packaging for its snacking range. Charal wanted to revitalize its range of microwavable hamburgers thanks to a new packaging which had to be a microwavable packaging which keeps the hamburger crispy, with a large area for communication, a longer product preservation (MAP), and easy to recycle. After a 2-year period of research and development, the first Pack Alim packaging was created…

Pack Alim has since designed a lot of green packaging for food industry and keep developing patented innovations. Mr. Dropsy’s concept is a worldwide innovation in which several countries are interested in : France, USA, Brazil, Canada, India, China, etc.

In 2009, Pack Alim moved to a 5.700 m² production plant, built according to High Environmental Quality norm. This plant was built with many eco-friendly characteristics : wooden roof frame, solar panels (solar photovoltaic and solar water heater), wood fiber isolation, green roof, heat pump, light sensor with motion detector, drawing water except for sanitary facilities, etc.

From the beginning, Pack Alim is an environment-friendly company : it manufactures an sustainable packaging in an eco-friendly production plant.

Our team


Our team is available for you since the beginning of your project to help you to choose the most fitted packaging for your product. We will support you in your projects, from the conception to the delivery.

The Sales department is at your disposal. A single interlocutor follows your project

The Marketing department monitors the different food markets to propose a packaging adapted to your customers (and your own) needs.

The Quality department guarantees your packaging conformity and traceability, from the design to the delivery.

The Purchasing department optimizes the choice of materials that constitute your packaging.

The Production team is efficient as soon as they receive your order, to guarantee delivery within the best period.

And last but not least, our Research and Development department is ready to discuss different innovative packaging.