Sustainable packaging for food products

Pack Alim’s concept is creating a fully customizable eco-friendly packaging. The packaging is mainly composed of cardboard, which is a recyclable and renewable material. It is also very useful for rigidity and communication : 100% of the cardboard is printable, outside and inside the packaging. The plastic film is reduced to its basic function of preservation and permeability, customizable depending on your product needs. This concept allows can reduce plastic up to 80%* !

(* depending on the size, compared to a PP 1000µ plastic tray)

Eco-friendly production plant


Pack Alim’s solution is a sustainable packaging made in a eco-friendly plant in France. Our company is involved in sustainable development issues and proves it : our eco-friendly production plant based in France was built according to the High Environmental Quality standard and “green site” charter. We made eco-friendly choices : solar photovoltaic and solar water heater, heat pump, drawing water, wood fiber isolation, green roof, ecological materials for the construction, progress in energy consumption, etc. Our 5.700m² production plant can support up to 10 production lines, in a “gray room”, according to food industry production norms. Our logistics chain improves the management of product flows in order to be as reactive as possible.


All-inclusive solution

Pack Alim provides “turnkey solutions”. The packaging is assembled and ready-to-use, you just have to insert your product and seal the packaging. With the Nomabox solution (object in the packaging), we insert the object within the packaging before thermoforming the tray. So that when you receive your Nomabox packaging, you just have to insert your product and seal the packaging.

A solution for every product

At Pack Alim, we think that the packaging must comply with your product, so that you do not have to change your product because of packaging characteristics. We adapt all our packaging solutions to fit your needs : ambient/fresh/frozen product, protective atmosphere, microwavable product, etc. Our packaging can be sealed in every sealing machine.