Packaging ranges for food products

Our packaging ranges are 100% customizable to fit your needs : standard sizes (L x w : 110×130, 130×180 150×230 and 180x250mm) or special sizes, depth from 5 to 90mm. Your product has special needs ? We can adapt our packaging (form, size, microwavable product, permeability, etc.)


Our Classic'Pack tray range offers a wide area for communication thanks to the cardboard and great preservation thanks to the thin plastic film. Your customers can see your product through the cap and/or through one or several windows on the cardboard (optional). This tray range is mainly used by our customers for these kind of products : deli food, snacking, meat, pork product, poultry, fish product, etc.


This packaging range uses one of many Pack Alim's patents : we can put an item between the cardboard and plastic film, so that the item does not touch your product. It can be a fork, sauce, gift, etc. We can create an easy opening under the packaging to get the item before eating the product. Without this easy opening, the customer gets the item by separating cardboard and plastic film while making selective sorting. This solution can be made on every Pack Alim's packaging. It is mainly used for snacking and deli product.


The packaging with the largest area for communication! It is also very useful if you do not want your product to be seen before the customer opens the pack. Fully customizable (shape, dimensions, etc.) This solution is mainly used for microwave snacking product. This solution received the Packaging Oscar award.