Defining your needs

We need to know what your product needs as packaging : shape, size, permeability, protective atmosphere, microwavable application, fresh or frozen section, willingness to use cardboard from sustainably managed forests, use of vegetable-based inks, etc.

Shaping the cardboard tray


The cardboard is printed according to your requirements and cut according to the shape you have chosen. It can be printed both outside and inside the packaging if you want it to. The inside print is mainly used by our customers to add a piece of information (recycling instructions, statements on the trademark, mini-games, etc.). Then the cardboard is assembled to make a tray.

Thermoforming the plastic film within the cardboard tray


The plastic film, which had been chosen regarding your product needs, is put at the top of the cardboard tray. Then it is directly thermoformed into the cardboard tray, in order to perfectly fit the shape.

Using the packaging on your production line


Our packaging is ready to use. You just have to insert your product inside and seal the packaging. It is adapted to every kind of cap.