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(Français) Un nouveau trophée Ecotrophelia avec un emballage Pack Alim !

Isara Lyon Ecotrophelia Pack Alim

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(Français) 10 années d’éco-conception de vos emballages !


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3 events during march to (re)discover Pack Alim !


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Pack Alim – 10 year anniversary

10 ans Pack Alim

Pack Alim is glad to invite you to its 10 year anniversary !

This event is for food industry only. You are free to come to this event, even if you do not already know Pack Alim !

10 years of eco-designed packaging… At the beginning of Pack Alim, there is Philippe Dropsy, who created a project of eco-friendly packaging combining cardboard and plastic. And then came a lot of projects in the food industry. But how is made Pack Alim’s packaging ? Why and how this packaging fits both manufacturers and consumers’ needs ? What are the next developments at Pack Alim ?

During this half-day you will :

- visit our eco-friendly production plant and see the different steps of manufacturing a packaging
- discover our last innovations
- and you will be surprised with the rest of the event !

You are welcome Thursday 26th March 2015 3pm at our head office located in St Germain sur Moine (49)

If you want to be part of this event, please fill in the form below.

This event is organized by Pack Alim and is reserved for manufacturers from food industry. If you are not from the food industry, your participation depends on the approval from Pack Alim.

* mandatory field

Duo Marin and Pack Alim at Ectrophélia Europe SIAL Paris 2014

Lardons de la mer Duo Marin Pack Alim

The “seastrips” and their Pack Alim packaging win the gold medal at Ecotrophélia Europe 2014 !

Ecotrophélia is the contest for creating innovative food products. 8 students from Montpellier SupAgro took part of this contest in order to offer an innovative and delicious product in a Pack Alim packaging.

They showed their project « DuoMarin – The seastrips », a gourmet preparation made with fresh fish. These pairs (salmon-sea bream and skipjack tuna-pollock) easliy mix into recipes, and can be eaten cooked or rawed. « We really wanted to create these seastrips within a sustainable development approach : they are made from high-quality and sustainable fishing. The packaging had to get into this sustainable development approach too. Pack Alim’s packaging is really fitted to our product, by combining aestheticism and practicality in an eco-friendly approach. » says Flavy BENOIT, student from Montpellier SupAgro.

The seastrips charmed the judging panel from Ecotrophélia France, who gave to Duo Marin the gold medal. The next step was at SIAL  Paris, with Ecotrophélia Europe. Once again, the seastrips and their Pack Alim’s packaging won the gold medal. Now the students are presenting their innovative product to food industry brands, in order to market their product.

Bienvenue sur notre nouveau site

Bientôt 10 ans d’emballages éco-conçus Pack Alim !


A cette occasion, nous avons réalisé un nouveau site internet plus détaillé :

  • Des solutions déclinées en gamme : Nos emballages éco-conçus sont répartis dans plusieurs gammes. Chaque solution est 100% personnalisable (forme, dimensions, besoins en perméabilité et réchauffage au micro-ondes, etc.). A vous de choisir celle qui correspond le plus à votre produit ! Découvrez nos solutions ici
  • Une présentation du concept plus complète : Vous avez choisi la solution la plus adaptée à vos besoins et souhaitez en savoir plus sur Pack Alim ? Découvrez les différentes étapes de fabrication et consultez tous les avantages de l’emballage Pack Alim !
  • L’histoire de Pack Alim dévoilée : Comment est né Pack Alim ? Qui s’occupe de votre emballage, de sa création à sa livraison ? Toutes les réponses à vos questions se trouvent ici !

 Bonne visite !